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Dyed Cotton Lint in Basket


Cotton Spinning with the Takli

Takli DVD Cover

Joan's latest video will help you learn to spin using the takli support spindle. Explore the satisfaction of creating amazing yarn using a spindle that goes anywhere with you!

Takli Spinning Kit

Takli Kit

Want to have everything you need to begin spinning with a takli? We packed this kit with as much as we could stuff in the box and discounted the price!

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Free Tote Bag w DVD Purchase

    Purchase the "Cotton Spinning Made Easy" DVD or "Cotton Spinning on the Takli" DVD and receive a cute cotton tote bag at no extra charge.

    Free Shipping within the continental United States, email for rates to all other locations.



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PLY Magazine Cotton Issue - Spring 2016

PLY Magazine Cotton Issue

Just what we have been asking for, a magazine that focused one of their issues completely on cotton! Jacey did and it is a "must" for anyone who loves cotton or is considering trying to learn to spin cotton.

We have 12 issues available - while supplies last!


Shipping $3.50 to continental U.S. Email for rates to other destinations.








Blue & Brown Bag

This neat carry bag comes in either blue or brown and features our pretty cotton flower logo and is perfect for on-the-go spinning!

  • Adjustable strap for easy carrying
  • Phone pocket as well as other front pockets
  • Inside zippered pocket and key clip
  • Made from recycled products
  • $15.00

    $4.75 Shipping within the continental United States. Email for rates to addresses outside the continental U.S.



Traveling Sample Skein Winder

Traveling Sample Skein Winder

    Solid wood that travels flat and easy. Simply wrap the yarn around each end, figure-8 tie in two places and presto, slide it off the open end and you have a nice sample skein.


    Shipping $2.50 to the continental U.S. Please email for other destination rates.





Beggining Cotton Spinning Book

This is a workbook for anyone interested in spinning cotton or who wants to learn more about cotton and how to card, spin and ply cotton fiber.

The book is spiral bound so it will lay flat beside you. Photos are included along with the instructions, however after each technique Joan has a YouTube that she has prepared for you so you can see her actually doing the technique described in the work book.

An extensive list of cotton terms is included along with suggested books that are helpful in learning more about spinning. Joan's hope is that this little book will help take away the fear that so many people have of spinning cotton and show you how easy and fun it is to spin cotton fiber.


$19.95 - Free Shipping within continental United States

International orders will ship for only $5.00

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HAND SPINNING COTTON by Harry & Olive Linder

Updated by Joan S. Ruane 2013


Hand Spinning Cotton Book

    $19.95 - FREE SHIPPING (within continential U.S.)!


    Since its first publication in 1977, this book has been the definitive work on cotton spinning. It has provided cotton spinners with the most in-depth information possible and kindled a new still-growing interest in spinning this fascinating and ancient fiber.

    I am thrilled that the Linder family asked me to update Harry & Olive's wonderful work, which was my own inspiration for finding a life-long passion in learning about cotton and its possibilities for our modern lives.

    This edition of "Hand Spinning Cotton" contains all the original texts and drawings from the 1977 edition but has been updated to reflect 21st century advances in both equipment, fiber availability and spinning techniques.



Takli Cotton Spinning Kit

Takli Spinning Kit


    Shipping $6.80 (Priority Mail) to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.

    • 4 varieties of cotton sliver (total 1 oz.)
    • Takli Support Spindle
    • Support Dish
    • 2 Bobbins
    • Bobbin Winder
    • Written Instructions


Deluxe Takli Cotton Spinning Kit

Deluxe Takli Spinning Kit


Shipping $6.80 (Priority Mail) to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.

Includes all of the items listed above along with the DVD "Cotton Spinning with a Takli".


Bobbin Winder Kit


Bobbin Winder Kit


    Shipping $6.80 (Priority Mail) to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.

    • Bobbin Winder
    • 2 Bobbins
    • 4 varieties of cotton sliver (total 1 oz.)
    • 2 AA Batteries
    • Click here for bobbin winder instructions.



Cotton Spinning with the Takli - DVD


    Free Shipping within continental U.S. Please email for rates to anywhere else.

    Step by step instructions on how to spin on this little metal spindle with a brass whorl. When properly spun, it will spin a ratio up to 100 to 1, thus it is ideal for spinning short staple fiber like cotton. Learn what a great meditating tool the takli can be for you.

    Additional features include "Spinning with Joan", learning about growing cotton and how it is processed into sliver, and ending with a neat feature on the Indian book Charkha wheel and how to open, spin on it and then be able to close it.


Cotton Spinning Made Easy - DVD


    Free shipping within continental U.S. Email for rates to anywhere else.

    On this DVD you will learn all about your wheel and how to adjust it for spinning a very short staple cotton.

    Taking cotton fiber right from the beginning and learning the basic techniques of spinning a quality cotton thread through finished skeins of cotton yarn is taught very simply and clearly by Joan.

    Students quickly learn that cotton is "easy to spin"!



Cotton Hand Carders


    Shipping $13.45 to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.

    Cotton Hand Carders

    These curved-back cotton carders have 108 points per square inch and are designed to card cotton or any of the finer fibers such as angora or cashmere. The wooden backs measure 10 ½” x 3 5/8”.

    A puni stick is included with each set of carders.


Takli Support Spindle (with written instuctions)


    This little high-speed spindle comes with samples of Easy to Spin Cotton Sliver so you can start spinning as soon as you open the package!

    Shipping $6.80 (Priority Mail) to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.

Homestead Lap Bowls

    Homestead Lap Bowls


    These lovely lap bowls are custom made by Natt Klingensmith at the Ploughshare Craft Center in Texas and are in limited supply.

    Shipping $5.00 to continental U.S. only - email for shipping rates to anywhere else.


Lendrum Double Treadle Folding Spinning Wheel

    Lendrum Spinning Wheel


    This popular wheel comes with:

    • 4 bobbins
    • lazy kate
    • regular
    • fast flyer


    Perfect for cotton spinning!

    Also included with your purchase is a 4 ounce bag of Easy to Spin Cotton Sliver so you can start spinning as soon as you get your wheel.

    Email for shipping quote to your location.