March 18-20, 2022


Florida Tropical Conference Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center (LYBCC) located in Leesburg, Florida

All About Cotton Workshop

Learning to spin cotton off the point as well as the flyer wheel. Students will learn to prepare the cotton by carding and using different techniques to get the cotton yarn they want as well as plying techniques. Students will go home feeling comfortable about spinning cotton and ideas for ideas for projects to use their handspun cotton yarns.

For infomaton: Florida Tropical Weavers Guild https://ftwg.org/

April 19-23, 2022

PLYAWAY Spinning Retreat

April 19 or 20, 9 a.m. - Noon: "Spinning Hemp - Fast & Fun"

This class is fast and fun class that opens up a new world to many spinners. Hemp is a strong bast fiber (coming from the stem of a plant) and a cellulose fiber which means it has to be treated and spun differently than protein fibers.

This class explores hemp with a couple different methods of spinning this fascinating fiber into usable yarns. We’ll talk about dyeing bast fibers as well as how to finish and store them.

April 19, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. or April 22, 9 a.m. - Noon: "Takli Spinning Off the Point"

Have you ever wondered what spinning off the point means? Or do you just want to get better at it? This class is for you. We will be learning to spin off the point of a takli support spindle (don’t worry if you don’t have one, I’ll bring enough for everyone). Not only is this a great skill to have but it also will help you master the long draw technique. We’ll focus on controling the thickness and strength of the yarn you want to produce. Students are encouraged to bring in any support spindle you’d like to get better at.

April 22, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.: "Spinning Off the Point on Charkas & Great Wheels"

Have you ever wondered what spinning off the point means? Do you want to get better at it or spinning on a charkha or great wheel? This class is for you. It’s a follow up to the class taught earlier this week — Spinning off the point (takli) — but you needn’t have taken it to learn from this class.

Spinning off the point (whether with a spindle, great wheel, or charkha) is great skill to have and it also will help you master the long draw spinning. In this class we will focus on a variety of charkha wheels, learning the differences and their limitations. Several spinning wheel quills will be available to work on as well as a e-spinner. Students are encouraged to bring in any type of charkha, and wheels with quills to class.

April 22, Full Day (9 -5, break noon - 2): "Spinning Cotton - a Beginning"

This fun and fast class is an introduction to cotton spinning and is designed to give you an understanding of both cotton and how/why to adjust your wheel for this fine, short staple fiber. You’ll learn how to card and make punis from solar dyed ginned cotton. You will not only learn to spin from a puni but also proper techniques for spinning all kinds of cotton fiber. Spinning off the cottonseed to cotton sliver will be covered as time allows.

April 23, Full Day (9 -5, break noon - 2): "Continuing Cotton"

Do you love cotton? Have you taken a beginning cotton class or have experience with spinning cotton? This class will expand your cotton spinning skill and grow your cotton creativity. Joan, in her friendly, calm, and talented manner will cover proper spinning techniques for cotton, a quick review of carding and blending dyed cotton lint will reinforce the carding technique. You’ll also delve into solar dyeing cotton and spin both natural and dyed sliver.

You’ll discuss designing cotton yarn for projects and how to use them as we spin and ply cotton singles for a specific project. Finally, you’ll discuss how to prepare the cotton yarn for use to knit, weave, and for other needlecrafts as well as finishing your cotton yarns and storing them for future use.

For complete retreat informaton and registration: https://www.plyaway.com

May 18 - 20, 2022

Prescott, Arizona Mountain Spinners & Weavers Guild of Prescott

All About Cotton & Hemp Dyeing and Spinning Workshop

Workshop will be including dyeing, spinning cotton off the point. Using the traditional spinning wheels they will long draw cotton and worsted spin hemp. Goal is to give students a good, rounded understanding of cotton and hemp and how to make quality yarns for weaving, knitting and other fiber arts.

This 3-day workshop will cover everything the students want to know about cotton and hemp!

For information: https://www.mtnspinweave.org

August 17 - 19, 2022

Redmond/Sister, Oregon Central Oregon Spinners and Weavers

Lecture on Industrial Hemp at the Guild Meeting on the 17th

Spinning & Dyeing Cotton & Hemp Workshop

Includes dyeing and spinning both cotton and hemp on the takli and wheels. Goal is to give students a good understanding of cotton and hemp and how to make it into yarns to use in weaving and knitting.

For information: https://www.coswg.org

August 26-27-28, 2022

Eugene Textile Center, Eugene, Oregon

Spinning & Dyeing Cotton and Hemp Workshop

Includes dyeing and spinning both cotton and hemp, with a goal of letting students feel more comfortable both with their spinning wheels and dyeing their own fiber to create the colors and textures they want for both spinning and weaving.

For information: https://www.eugenetextilecenter.com

Remember Joan’s Hemp Lecture on Zoom is available to guilds and schools! Click the link for information.