Hemp News for February 2021

Hello hemp lovers! There is so much happening in the “hemp world”. I mean world, as not only are we here in the USA starting off again to make hemp one of the most important crops we grow and use in our daily lives but countries like Brazil and China are really ramping up the growth and production of hemp and hemp projects.

  • Italy is beefing up the research of hemp plastic and cleaning up the soil with the hemp plant taking out the metals from the soil. New Zealand and Australia are doing more research in the food value for both humans and sheep.
  • Australia just announced they have secured an exclusive distributorship in the USA for hempcrete building system and will be making HempBLOCK for traditional building material.
  • Here in the USA, IND Hemp just opened up a decortication factory in Ft Benton, Montana with their eyes on the automobile industry who are buying more hemp for insulation in car doors and hemp plastics for making parts.
  • Panda Biotech in Dallas, Texas is building a decortication plant with the goal of producing textile products.
  • The hemp industry in Florida and the Shemp Yarn Co. is asking the State for support to start up hemp textile to support the small hemp farmers in the state. Melissa Baldwin Co. in South Bend is having built a decortication factory and is already taking orders for animal feed, bedding, bio plastics, paper, hempcrete and hemp-wool insulation.
  • The government has given a million dollars to Purdue University for research on growing hemp and $500,000 for a Research Center in Geneva, NY to develop a seed bank.
  • A small company called Huston Textiles that is just outside of Sacramento has been blending hemp with wool to make rugs. What a great way to strengthen wool carpeting.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is making $253,000 in state money available to nonprofit marketing and promotion organizations working on projects to increase the sale of the state’s hemp products. Also $1.3 million for research programs aiming at advancing innovation in medicine, sustainability and food supply. Five of 13 specialty crop block grants went to hemp enterprises.
  • Hempitective in Ketchum, ID is a growing company specializing in hemp building products. They have been offering training courses and producing You Tubes teaching people how to use hemp building and insulation products. So many farmers across the USA started by growing hemp for the use of CBD. However, there was an over-supply of CBD and many farmers lost money but the rest of the plant was valuable. The stalk went to waste because there were no factories available to break down the plant to be used for the many thousands of other uses. As mentions above a few decortication factories have begun to spring up across the country and in the coming year I believe there will be many more.

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