“Easy to Spin” Cotton Sliver

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when Harry and Olive Linder started teaching cotton spinning the only cotton available to them for their classes was a 480 pound bale of ginned cotton from the local gin in Phoenix, AZ. They would take off wafers depending of how many students were in their classes. At that time, almost all spinning wheels had only one ratio and that was 6-1. Cotton carders where hard to come by and thus students had to use wool carders. All spinning instructional books advised that “cotton is hard to spin”.

When Harry could no longer travel and they asked me to carry on the teaching of cotton spinning, I bought bales of Acala, Pima and Sea Island ginned cotton but soon learned that spinners wanted something already prepared for them to spin. I also learned that commercial cotton was carded and stretched to such an extent for electric commercial spinning gins, that it had no crimp left in it.

That meant I needed to find a place to have it run only through the carding machine. This I did and it was perfect and so I called the sliver “Easy to Spin”. For several years I sold it until my teaching demand made it impossible to do both and eventually I convinced my good friends Jill and Lura to take over the distribution of this wonderful cotton sliver. They have done a marvelous job and have “Easy to Spin” cotton in shops all over the world. If you do not have a local shop carrying it, go to their web site: www.brookmoorecreations.com or e-mail them at cotton@brookmoorecreations.com.